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Everyone has different reasons for learning Chinese.
What you want to convey, understanding the other person, Chinese is just a means.
Don't worry alone, let me be your mentor and let's make your dreams come true together.


​Be your mentor through Chinese

Ni Hao! I am teacher Xie. When I was in elementary school, I learned a Japanese song, Akatonbo, in music class. I really love this song, and since then I've come to like Japan. By luck, I moved to Okinawa in 1995, got married, and now have a family of four, including my son.

When I came to Japan, which is far from my hometown of Guilin, China, I couldn't understand Japanese, which I had been studying hard, and I was constantly homesick and frustrated. However, many Japanese helped me, and now, after 27 years, there are more than 3,000 Chinese students.

I was able to live in Japan, which I dreamed of as a child, and I was blessed with precious family and friends because of my family and friends who encouraged me. Life is full of setbacks, but we understand your pain, develop your strengths, and overcome the challenges you need to overcome together.
I believe that I can be of service as a good companion for the realization of my dreams.

Let's create a happy life together through Chinese!


​ “I want to learn Chinese, but…” Top 5 concerns of students!


I decided to use Chinese at work, but I don't have time!


There was a limit to self-studying HSK and Chinese proficiency


I have a local interpreter, but I'm not sure if I can communicate properly


My company told me to learn business Chinese!


I'm in a relationship with a Chinese man, but I'm worried about getting married...

It's okay to worry! Please leave it to Mr. Xie!

The shortest way to improve your Chinese is to have more opportunities to speak and listen to real Chinese.

However, instead of blindly learning, clarify your goals and make a study plan that suits you.


There are many companies in Japan that offer online Chinese lessons, but the characteristics of my lessons are "Chinese as much as possible", "Course is subdivided according to purpose" and "Pronunciation instruction according to needs". In one-on-one and group lessons, we will fine-tune the speaking ratio according to the level of the person.

If you use Chinese at work, you should incorporate more practical case studies. ​

I will accompany you with a track record of teaching over 3,000 people and a wealth of practical business experience.

There is also a course that teaches the secrets of love with a Chinese person and a harmonious marriage! (smile)
You'll be fine! Let's cultivate Chinese together to make your dreams come true!


Characteristics of Mr. Xie's online lessons


​ Chinese as much as possible!


Nice to meet you!
I scream 〇〇. I am Japanese.
I am twenty-six this year.


Professional course, high quality!



Pronunciation instruction tailored to your needs


During the lesson, the ratio of speaking Chinese and Japanese will increase as the level increases.
Introductory class is 5:5, beginner is 7:3, intermediate is 8:2, and advanced is 9:1.
By listening to a lot of live Chinese voices, you will naturally acquire comprehensive application skills.

6 specialized courses: HSK Exam Preparation, Practical Business Chinese, Chinese Test Preparation, Sino-Japanese Interpretation and Translation, Speech Chinese, Love Chinese. You can essentially effectively learn specialized and high-quality lessons that meet your needs.

Classes are divided into 6 levels: Classes are divided into 6 levels from introductory to advanced.

Students have different needs and ways of thinking. Rather than being based on what the teacher wants, we will flexibly provide pronunciation guidance according to the needs and level of each student.


Course introduction

You can choose the class that is perfect for you from a total of 6 courses specialized for each purpose.


This is a specialized course aimed at passing the HSK exam. The HSK test has specific questions such as "applied listening", "the number of questions is the largest", and "related to Chinese social affairs is the widest". Teaching tricks.

This course covers familiar topics such as work, life, and hobbies, compares social situations and cultural customs between Japan and China, and enables students to pass the HSK exam and acquire practical application skills at the same time.


This is a course to learn business Chinese based on topics that assume actual business situations. In addition to acquiring Chinese skills that can be used immediately in business situations, you can also acquire the ability to think and understand Japanese and Chinese business customs.


This is a course to thoroughly practice the pinyin accuracy required for the Chinese Language Proficiency Test and prepare for the exam. Each time, we will carefully check your pronunciation and give you thorough guidance on pronunciation that you are not good at, vague and unconfident pronunciation, etc.


This is a course to learn interpreting and translation skills for "Japanese → Chinese". There are introductory to advanced courses, so you can learn from the basics of interpreting and translation regardless of your level.


5. Chinese Speech Course

This course will help you learn to speak more accurately and beautifully in Chinese. Instructors who have experience teaching 1st and 2nd place winners for 3 consecutive years in the "National High School Chinese Speech Contest" will thoroughly guide you.


This is a course to learn Chinese full of love for Japanese-Chinese love and marriage, love and marriage, and family life. In addition to the Chinese language skills that are used in the adult world, you can also acquire the ability to think and understand different cultures in the adult world of Japan and China.

Student voice


Student Yutaka

Thanks to Dr. Xie, I was able to pass the HSK Level 5 in one year! In the university entrance examination, you can also promote your Chinese language skills and pass the first choice of super difficult universities! During my studies, I plan to study abroad at a prestigious university in China as an exchange student...


Student Hana-chan

I think the biggest advantage of taking lessons from Mr. Xie is that you can learn “live Chinese”. After graduating from high school, my Chinese ability was highly evaluated, and my long-awaited job at an airline company came true! …


Student Uta-chan

Mr. Xie taught me carefully and clearly according to my Chinese level! Now I can sing Chinese songs at events in Okinawa and Taiwan...



We are sending out one-phrase Chinese that you can use immediately!
From business to love, master Chinese in a short amount of time.


with Dr. Xie30 minute free lessonand your ChineseWorry Counseling!
We will propose lessons according to your needs and level.

Free lesson & counseling


Please feel free to make a reservation from the apply button!

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