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Student Hana-chan I won first place in a Chinese speech contest in half a year, even though I didn't speak Chinese at all!


profile:From the first year of high school with no experience learning Chinese, he won first place in the "National High School Chinese Speech Contest" (sponsored by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) in just half a year. During the speech practice, thorough guidance was given focusing on the Chinese pronunciation method that Hana-chan suited, the "more accurate and beautiful" Chinese pronunciation, and the unique expressiveness of Chinese speech.

After graduating from high school, my Chinese skills, such as my Chinese "speech award history" and Chinese language proficiency, were highly evaluated, and my long-awaited job at an airline company came true!

I think the biggest advantage of taking lessons from Mr. Xie is that you can learn “live Chinese”.

It is not easy to learn Chinese, which is said to be difficult to pronounce, from scratch and make it your second and third language.

After entering high school, I had zero knowledge of Chinese, but I was able to win first place in the national high school Chinese speech contest in half a year after entering high school. Because there was dedicated guidance such as demeanor.
It took about 3 months to prepare for the school competition, the prefectural competition, and the national competition.
Thanks to the Chinese spoken by native speakers, I was able to listen to it smoothly, passed Level 3 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Test, and had a smooth conversation with an international student from China.


After graduating from high school, my Chinese language skills, such as winning Chinese speech awards and obtaining certification, were highly evaluated, and my long-awaited job at an airline company came true!
I think that the best environment for Chinese, which has many pronunciations that are unfamiliar to Japanese people, is an environment where you can teach Chinese that you can make use of, like Mr. Xie.


Participant Hiromi-chan It was very reassuring when I started working on a new job!


profile:An employee of a Japan-China cultural and economic exchange organization who is both intelligent and talented. In the one-on-one lessons that lasted for three years, I focused on "ready-to-use" Chinese for work.

Correction of sentences for moderators of various exchange events at work, expressiveness of Chinese speech for each event, more accurate and beautiful pronunciation method for Hiromi, Chinese communication with Chinese bosses and colleagues, etc.

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

From the beginning, I thought you were a great teacher. Personality is fully exposed ✨

・The reason why I continued to study with Mr. Xie for a long time

After all, I think that everything is related to the relationship between people. Mr. Xie was the kind of person who made me want to connect with him even if he didn't have a relationship to learn Chinese. In addition to being generous and kind and giving guidance, the time we spend together is a lot of fun.

・ What was good about the lesson with Mr. Xie

Each student gives lessons according to their progress, what they want to learn, and the direction in which they can gain strength. He is a professional and really nice teacher who recognizes, encourages, and motivates efforts. So far, I have met many "Chinese teachers", but I have never met anyone who surpasses Mr. Xie! ✨

・What I was able to do and what I was able to achieve.

He helped me with the Chinese phrases I use at work, as well as writing corrections and pronunciation checks when I was hosting cultural exchanges. Thanks to Dr. Xie, I was able to finish the event without any problems. He always supported me enthusiastically at all times, and was very reassuring even when I was working on a new job. I am truly full of gratitude✨I believe that the relationship between people is the core of everything, no matter what. I am sure that the Chinese and Chinese culture that you will encounter through Dr. Hsieh, who is full of human power, will surely fascinate the hearts of the people you meet. I am very grateful to have met the wonderful Dr. Xie. I hope we can keep in touch forever (^^)


Student Yutaka Passed HSK level 5 in one year!


profile:Born and raised in Japan with Chinese parents. When I was in the second year of high school, I took one-on-one lessons for a year. Teaching mainly Chinese subjects of "University Center Test" and "HSK" test preparation, passed HSK level 5 in one year. In the university entrance exam, you can also publicize your Chinese proficiency, and pass the first choice super difficult university! While in school, she plans to study abroad at a prestigious university in China. We look forward to seeing you on the international stage in the future!

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

First of all, the existing Chinese class was quite expensive. And the countermeasure was the center exam. Also, the level of the words I didn't understand was different (I didn't understand what was easy, and on the contrary, I knew what was difficult), so it was difficult to study by myself.


・The reason why I was able to continue with Dr. Hsieh for a long time

This is because he taught me carefully (information sharing using google spreadsheets, collecting information on past questions, etc.).
After that, it is a countermeasure that matches the level that was difficult to do alone.


・ What was good about the lesson

He taught me very enthusiastically and carefully. Therefore, we received a lot of detailed feedback and analysis. Especially in my case, I had them watch the center test, which is not often taught in ordinary Chinese classes. Despite the lack of materials, I was very impressed and grateful that he collected past questions and similar problems and gave me guidance. Not only that, I was able to enjoy studying because it was very easy to interact with.
・What I was able to do and what I was able to achieve


Thanks to Dr. Xie, I was able to pass HSK Level 5 in one year. Then, with Mr. Xie's advice, I took the National Center Test in English, but I also promoted my Chinese ability, and I was able to pass the first choice of a very difficult university without any problems! After entering the university, I became interested in international relations and politics, and it has had a very positive impact on my career choices, such as being accepted as an exchange student at a prestigious university in China.

Student Uta-chan taught me according to my current Chinese level!


profile:The only Okinawan folk singer who can speak and sing in beautiful Chinese while playing the shamisen. About 5 years ago, I have been learning Chinese from Mr. Xie. The lessons focus on "immediately usable", "more accurate and beautiful" Chinese greetings, pronunciation of Chinese songs, preparation for examinations, etc. for work music activities. Xie continues to learn shamisen and Okinawan folk songs from Uta-chan.

・Why did you decide to learn Chinese?

I was fascinated by the songs sung in Chinese, and I would like to talk about my feelings in Chinese with a Taiwanese friend I met when I visited Taiwan when I was a student. Because I strongly thought.

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

After meeting Dr. Xie and listening to his many stories about his experiences, I admired his personality.
And I like Master Xie's "voice" because it's very comfortable.


・ What was good about the lesson

-It's a place where you teach me carefully and easy to understand the fine movements of the corners of the mouth for pronunciation.
-I'm about to teach you about Chinese culture.
-I'm about to teach you according to my current Chinese level.

・What I was able to do through the lesson ・What I was able to achieve

-Being able to sing Chinese songs at events in Okinawa and Taiwan.
-I was able to speak Chinese with my Taiwanese friend.
-I was able to teach a friend who is interested in Chinese songs to sing in Chinese.

From now on, I will continue to learn a lot from Mr. Xie, and while accumulating, I would like to work so that I can use Chinese in a fun and meaningful way at work and in my private life.

Student Hime-chan won 2nd place in the National High School Chinese Speech Contest!


profile:In high school, won second place in the National High School Chinese Speech Contest (sponsored by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies). During the speech practice, we thoroughly instructed Hime-chan on how to pronounce Chinese, "more accurate and beautiful" Chinese pronunciation, and the unique expressiveness of Chinese speech. After graduating from high school, he went on to university and studied abroad in Shanghai and Taiwan. Currently, he is active locally as a representative of a major Japanese company in Shanghai, China.

Thanks to Mr. Xie's easy-to-understand and accurate guidance, I was able to continue studying Chinese.
Pronunciation is the most difficult and important part of learning Chinese. When I first started learning Chinese, I had a lot of trouble and almost gave up many times, but he pointed out where I wasn't doing well, and patiently continued to teach me until I was able to do it.
I also remember that I was able to master the difficult pronunciation as soon as I learned the tricks from Mr. Xie.
Now that my pronunciation is being praised by native speakers, it makes me very happy and confident.
After meeting Ms. Hsieh and gaining confidence in my Chinese, I wanted to improve my Chinese even more, so I took on the challenge of studying abroad in Shanghai and Taiwan, and was able to pass the HSK Level 6.
After getting a job, I am working in Shanghai as an expatriate, making use of my Chinese ability.
For those who are just starting Chinese, those who have failed once, and those who want to improve their Chinese to a higher level,
Ms. Xie is flexible and sincere, so I hope you will enjoy learning Chinese with Ms. Xie!


Student Yume-chan Passed HSK Level 4 in 1 month!


profile:Clerk, accounting and sales working for a rapidly growing Chinese company in Japan. Valuable force who is positive and willing to try anything for the company. Currently taking one-on-one lessons from August 2021. The lessons are centered on Chinese that can be used immediately for business work, practical business Chinese, and preparation for the HSK exam. "Professor Xie's HSK Exam Preparation" Passed HSK Level 4 in 1 month! (Intermediate proficiency test level 4 basic). Aiming for HSK Level 5 from January 2022. I am struggling to exchange phone calls, e-mails, web conferences, etc. with my Chinese boss inside the company and with Chinese business partners in Japan and China outside the company in Chinese. After the end of Corona, I plan to go on a business trip to China.

Classes with Mr. Xie are so much fun, and I hope many people will experience them in the future. But I don't want the number of my lessons to

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

There was also a recommendation from my boss, but the decisive factor was that it was easy to talk to. I had a free trial at several other places, and I intuitively felt that the compatibility with the teacher is important.

・ What was good about Mr. Xie's lesson

I enjoy learning about Chinese culture and customs in class.
They will teach you the pronunciation thoroughly, so I am excited to think that someday I will be able to speak like a native speaker.
Since I can practice mainly on conversation, I feel that I have gradually become able to listen.


・What I was able to do through the lesson ・What I was able to achieve

Passed HSK Level 4 (within 1 month. There is a foundation for Level 4 of the Chuken.)
Phone calls, e-mail exchanges, and online meetings with Chinese business partners.

Student Ai Don't worry if you don't understand the meaning or can't pronounce it!


profile:Ai is a corporate manager who is active on the front lines of business between Japan and China. In order to promote sales of our products in the Chinese market, we visited China and exhibited at an international event in Shanghai. The reason I started studying Chinese was, "When I exhibit at an international event in Shanghai, I have a local interpreter. I thought it would be better to know Chinese and Chinese business customs. In the one-on-one lessons, while chatting about business customs between Japan and China, I have progressed in business Chinese with a focus on "conversation", which is "immediately useful".

Mr. Xie's Recommended Points

1. Full of bright aspirations
The way he teaches is also reflected in his way of life, which is always positive and never neglects his efforts.

2. Don't worry if you don't understand the meaning or can't pronounce
Mr. Xie himself studied in Japan and has teaching experience at a Japanese university. It is excellent to proceed with politeness and understanding.


3. Objective-oriented teacher

Anyway, I think it's tough for myself and others to achieve my goals. It is definitely recommended for those who want to do their best. I am a native of Okinawa who is fluent in Japanese.

Participant Mr. Ryu He gave us very important hints for future life planning and business development in Japan!


profile:A young elite civil servant with a healthy body and mind, high IQ, EQ, and aspirations, living in a provincial city in inland China. He is fluent in English and loves exercising and studying every day. I often read books related to Japanese culture, and I am addicted to Japanese anime and dramas. My dream for the future is to travel to Japan, study abroad, find a job, and start a business! Currently, the beginner level one-on-one lessons are focused on hobbies and daily life conversations, and the intermediate level in half a year will focus on preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and practical business Japanese.

・Why did you decide to learn Chinese?

Learning the local language is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of foreign countries and cultures. I especially love Japanese culture and history, and my desire to understand Japanese culture more deeply and to blend into everyday life in Japan grew stronger, so I decided that I had to master the Japanese language.

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

1. At first, I started learning Japanese by myself. That is why Ms. Xie, a Chinese resident in Japan who is fluent in Chinese and Japanese and has over 30 years of experience in bilingual education in Japan and China, is very important to me.

2. Teacher Hsieh has studied, lived and worked in Japan for 27 years and is familiar with the local culture of Japan. Thanks to Dr. Xie, I was able to gain a deeper and more objective understanding of today's Japan, and I think it will help me to integrate smoothly into Japanese life in the future.

3. Dr. Xie studied in Japan, got a job, started a business, and has many professional qualifications and a wealth of life experience. Various advices from Dr. Hsieh gave me very important hints for my future life plan and business development in Japan.

Therefore, rather than choosing Dr. Xie, it would be better to say that Dr. Xie chose me despite his busy schedule. I am honored to be a student of Mr. Xie..

・ What was good about Mr. Xie's lesson

1. They suggest suitable teaching materials for my situation.

2. She is constantly improving her teaching methods and content to suit my needs and study habits.
3. Outside of lessons, I always get timely answers on WeChat to my questions and concerns that come up during self-study. Even if it's almost midnight, the teacher will answer any questions or doubts that come up during my self-study.


・Future goals

Right now, my number one goal is to solidify my language skills before I go to Japan to study or find a job. If possible, I would like to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 or higher while I am in China before going to Japan.
My ultimate goal is to become a native speaker!


Participant Otori-chan If there is something you don't understand with the interpreter, follow up!


profile:Came to Japan in 2013 as a Chinese exchange student. After graduating, I joined the Japanese branch of a Hong Kong company that is doing business all over the world. A talented and valuable young force who plays the three roles of secretary, interpreter, and company accounting for a Hong Kong female president. I fly around Japan with the president, and my days are fulfilling and busy with business trips, business negotiations, inspections, and courtesy calls. Currently taking one-on-one lessons for the Interpretation and Translation Course. In the lessons, Ms. Otori gives top priority to issues she is currently facing in her work and things that can be used immediately in the field of interpreting. At the same time, you can also consult about worries such as Japanese business customs, how to obtain qualifications in Japan, and career development.

I came to Japan in 2013 as an exchange student.
I was studying Japanese, but at that time I didn't even have the courage to speak it.
After graduating, I got a job in Japan.


The current president is a Hong Kong businessman who is developing business not only in Japan but also in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and other countries. I was also entrusted with interpreting work for various business, administrative and accounting matters.

I was looking for Japanese and Chinese practice courses on the Internet to improve my level even though I was still not at my level, and just happened to find Mr. Xie's website.
At first, I had a zoom experience class with the teacher once in a situation where I didn't understand anything.

When I first talked to Mr. Xie, I felt that he was a wonderful teacher, and immediately decided to take his class.

I definitely felt that way, and Dr. Xie taught me very enthusiastically and carefully.
I am very grateful to you for following me up and helping me when there was something I didn't understand in the interpretation of the speech in my job as an interpreter for the president.
I consider myself a very responsible teacher.
Not only Japanese, but also various advices such as the reason of life and the teacher's study experience, I feel warm and grateful.

I want more people to know about it.
If you have any worries about studying Japanese and Chinese, please feel free to talk to your teacher.

Participant Umi-kun is very helpful in business Chinese, HSK preparation, and business negotiations on overseas business trips!


profile:A handsome guy with a promising future who has a strong spirit of challenge and works steadily toward his dreams. From November 2022, I am taking the “Practical Business Chinese Course” and the “HSK Specialized Course”. I studied Chinese, e-mails, and customs that I often use at work, and my work progressed more smoothly at work, on business trips, and during business negotiations. "Preparation just before the HSK exam" Reached the highest score of HSK 6 grade in one month. My dream of studying in China has come true by being selected as one of the 2023 〇 Prefectural Publicly Sponsored International Students in China! From August 2023, he plans to study abroad in China for two years. When I was in college, I learned Chinese as a second foreign language, and after becoming a member of society, I experienced overseas business at a private company. "My dream is to start a business with Asia in mind! I want to become a strong business person in Asia!" In the near future, I have great expectations for him to play an active role as a business elite on the Asian stage!

・Reasons for choosing Dr. Xie

In the past, there was a person at work who was taking an online lesson with Mr. Xie, and it was very popular.

I also wanted to study Chinese for business, so I chose Dr. Xie, who has a lot of experience in the business field.

・The reason why I have been with Dr. Hsieh for a long time

Even when I was busy with work or suddenly had a schedule, I was able to flexibly choose and change the lesson time, and I was able to study Chinese at my own pace.

In addition, I think that the reason why I have been able to continue for a long time is that my motivation to learn Chinese does not decrease because the goals I set during the trial lesson are properly managed.

・ What was good about the lesson with Mr. Xie

It was nice to be able to analyze my weaknesses in detail and give me advice.

Especially in my case, I was very weak in the pronunciation part, but I was able to speak Chinese more confidently than before by teaching me how to make each sound and image.

・What you were able to do and what you were able to achieve through the lessons

I have taken the HSK Level 6 test many times, but my scores have been sluggish.

One month before the exam, I was able to get my highest score by taking a preparation class with Mr. Xie.

In addition, I was able to study Chinese words and phrases that I often use at work.

When I applied for the "publicly funded study abroad program in China in 〇〇 Prefecture", I received consultations, wrote a letter of recommendation, and even had a mock interview. Thanks to Dr. Xie, how! Once a year, I was selected as one of the only prefectural government-sponsored exchange students! From August 2023, I will be studying in China for two years at public expense!


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