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Lessons & Fees


Lesson features



Unique lesson features unique to Mr. Hsieh!
​Let's cultivate Chinese together to make dreams come true!


you are the main character

Set the student/teacher speaking time ratio to 8:2. Instead of the teacher speaking fluently, you play the leading role in the two-way lesson.
We will ensure 80% of your speaking time and give you more opportunities to speak and practice. The teacher's speaking time will be reduced to 20%, and we will provide essential guidance that "hit the target", such as checking pronunciation that is not good, explaining grammar that is easy to make mistakes, why you made mistakes, and where you should improve.


Pronunciation instruction tailored to your needs

Students have different needs and ways of thinking. Rather than being based on what the teacher wants, we will flexibly provide pronunciation guidance according to the needs and level of each student.


Chinese as much as possible

During the lesson, the ratio of speaking Chinese and Japanese will increase as the level increases.
Introductory class is 5:5, beginner is 7:3, intermediate is 8:2, and advanced is 9:1.
By listening to a lot of live Chinese voices, you will naturally acquire comprehensive application skills.

Nice to meet you!
I scream 〇〇. I am Japanese.
I am twenty-six this year.


Professional course, detailed level division, high quality!

6 specialized courses: HSK Exam Preparation, Practical Business Chinese, Chinese Test Preparation, Sino-Japanese Interpretation and Translation, Speech Chinese, Love Chinese. You can essentially effectively learn specialized and high-quality lessons that meet your needs.

Classes are divided into 6 levels: Classes are divided into 6 levels from introductory to advanced.


Ticket system & free reservation, easy to continue!

Ticket & free reservation system. We can adapt to your busy schedule and lifestyle changes. We will support you so that you can achieve your goals systematically, comfortably, and easily for a long time.

Available hours: 5:00-24:00  (open all year round)


Introduction of each lesson

one-on-one lesson


Lessons are conducted by one student per instructor.

Advantages of one-on-one lessons


absolute amount to speak


You can flexibly customize lessons that match your level according to your needs, tasks, and goals. Topics and content can be customized for you!


If you don't understand something, you can ask the teacher until you are satisfied. In addition, you can take your time and teach the parts you are not good at.


Lesson dates, contents, etc. are all tailored to your schedule and goals, flexible and flexible! (Available hours: 5:00-24:00)


Because you can learn about what you are most interested in, it will lead to improvement and maintenance of your learning motivation.


Feel free to learn from your classmates.

I recommend this hotel

I want to learn at my own pace.

I want to achieve intensive results in a short period of time.

People who want to study in a specialized field.

They have a high sense of purpose, wanting to acquire certain skills in a fixed period of time, and wanting to achieve their goals in a short period of time.

It's hard to find time to study on a fixed day of the week when you're busy.


Small group lesson (3-6 people)


Lessons are held in small groups of 3 to 6 students per instructor.

In addition, classes are divided into 6 levels from introductory to advanced to better meet the needs of each student.

We are devising a curriculum such as increasing the amount of speaking for each student.

Advantages of group lessons


Lesson fees are relatively reasonable.


The number of friends who study together increases, leading to improvement and maintenance of learning motivation.


You can acquire the applied ability to speak in front of multiple people.


You can broaden your global perspective through discussions and exchanges of opinions.

using group lessons
How to acquire strong Chinese skills?

Actively participate in lessons and conversation practice.

Don't leave anything you don't understand as it is, ask questions each time to ensure a solid understanding.

Make use of the free time, etc., to prepare for and review lessons.

Challenge Chinese exams such as HSK and Chuken.


Rate plan

Ticket system, one 45-minute lesson, tax included

​ in advanceterms of serviceplease look at.

Payment method: credit card, bank transfer, cash payment

Artboard 1_4x.png

<​ bank transfer>

​One-to-one lesson

​4 timesticket


Valid for 1 month

The 4-time ticket plan will be automatically renewed every month and your credit card will be charged automatically.
​You can cancel the plan at any time from the member page.

​24 timesticket


Valid for 6 months

48 timesticket


Valid for 12 months


​ popular

4 times a month ¥19,800

From 4 ticketsa yearSave ¥26,400!




Small group lesson (3-6 people)

The course will be held as soon as we have 3 or more applicants.
Please feel free to contact us.

4 timesticket


Valid for 1 month

24 timesticket


Valid for 6 months

​48 timesticket


Valid for 12 months

4 times a month ¥9,808

Annual from 4th ticket¥ 24,860 profit!




​ popular

Enrollment fee/Material fee

New customers are required to pay an enrollment fee and course material fee.

Prompt decision after free trial, admission fee and teaching material fee are more than the displayed pricehalf!


with Dr. Xie30 minute free lessonand your ChineseWorry Counseling!
We will propose lessons according to your needs and level.

Free lesson & counseling


Please feel free to make a reservation from the apply button!

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