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HSK specialized course


This is a specialized course aimed at passing the HSK exam.

"Applied Listening" unique to the HSK exam, "the number of questions is the largest",We have prepared test measures for questions such as "Chinese social affairs are the widest", and according to the level and needs of the students,I will teach you how to pass the exam.
Take up familiar topics such as work, life, and hobbies, and compare social conditions and cultural customs between Japan and China!
This course allows you to pass the HSK exam and acquire practical application skills at the same time.


What is HSK? Features of HSK!


Qualifications recognized by the Chinese government


HSK is sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the Chinese government (equivalent to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan), which is directly affiliated with the Confucius Institute, and is certified by the Chinese government. HSK grade reports can be used as official proof not only in China and Japan, but all over the world.


The world's largest number of test takers


HSK is the only widely recognized Chinese language test that is conducted in more than 875 locations in 118 countries and regions around the world.
There are an increasing number of cases where the introduction of HSK is being considered by global companies.


Global standard qualification


HSK is designed to comply with the common global standard of CEFR so that it can be appropriately evaluated in any region of the world. The level is set so that it can be compared not only with the Chinese language test, but also with other language tests.


To be able to do it!


You can acquire HSK, which is essential for studying at Chinese universities and graduate schools.


Acquire HSK, which is advantageous for obtaining local employment at Chinese companies and for changing jobs to Chinese companies' Japanese bases.


You can acquire HSK, which is advantageous for job change, job transfer, and personnel evaluation at Japanese companies based in China.


You can aim for a higher rank of work visa (A, B, C rank).


You can get HSK which is advantageous for business communication between Japan and China.


You can master the practical application of Chinese for living and working in China.


Get HSK, which is advantageous for entrance exams and credit certification at Japanese universities.

Just before the exam, there is a "pass! Preparation course"!

The reason why HSK is attracting attention now


Essential for business and employment

HSK is not only useful for job hunting and job change activities in China, but also because it is a Chinese language qualification recognized by the Chinese government worldwide, it is selected as a condition for hiring, promotion, and working at a local subsidiary in China. I'm here.
Due to China's international growth, the reputation of Chinese language proficiency is increasing. HSK is not only useful for finding a job at a local company in China, but also because it is a Chinese language qualification officially recognized by the Chinese government worldwide. Widely adopted for working conditions.


Essential for studying abroad in China!

When studying at a Chinese university, you may be required to submit your HSK grades. HSK is required for studying at a Chinese university (undergraduate in Japan) or graduate school.


Favorable for high school and university entrance exams!

Educational institutions are beginning to promote the HSK qualification to prove and improve their Chinese language proficiency. In domestic university entrance exams, preferential treatment for possessing HSK qualifications is increasing.


Tips for passing the HSK

1. Listening is the key! Practice your listening skills!

Comparing the "listening" questions of the HSK Level 4 and Chuken Level 3 exams, which are similar in level, the Level 3 Chinese Proficiency Test has 20 questions, about 30 minutes, and is broadcast twice, while the HSK Level 4 has 45 questions, about 30 minutes. , only broadcast once.

Chinese children begin to formally learn Chinese pinyin and Chinese characters in elementary school, but by elementary school they are already fluent.

I wonder why?


Straight away, listening!

Whether you're commuting to work or school, staying at home, or shopping, always keep Chinese flowing and take a shower of sounds. In addition to past listening questions, please listen to a wide range of Chinese radio, TV, music, SNS, etc.


It's okay if you can't hear anything at first!

You will get used to the unique intonation and intonation of Chinese pronunciation.

While studying various things, I was able to come up with words I knew! I heard a short phrase! I totally understand what you mean! And you can enjoy a happy sense of accomplishment one after another.

You will be exposed to a wide range of social situations and cultural customs in China, and you will naturally learn related vocabulary and expressions. It also has a positive impact on the pronunciation of the output, and it is easy to become good and fluent in pronunciation! Shadowing is even better as you level up intermediate and advanced!

2. Repeat past questions!


The HSK exam has the most questions of any other Chinese exam, and the exam time is limited.
The trick to passing the exam is to solve the HSK past questions for 5 times in a short period of time over and over again!

Rather than spending time on a single word or grammar, writing a single word or grammar in a vocabulary notebook, looking it up in a dictionary, or memorizing related example sentences, just look at it and read it before moving on to the next step.

Pay attention to how many times you come across the same words and grammar in a short period of time, and improve your learning efficiency!

Solve the first round while looking at the answers, it's okay if you don't memorize! On the second lap, I don't worry about the details and difficult parts, and I keep moving forward. From around the third time, you can see the whole picture, and the minimum necessary words and grammar are suppressed to some extent. As you repeat the 4th and 5th weeks, you will gradually see your weak points. Then, it is effective to focus on strengthening only the parts that are not good at it.

3. Enjoy different cultures!

More than any other Chinese exam, the HSK exam has more questions related to current local social conditions and cultural customs.



While other exams often have questions about school life, travel and work, the HSK has a wide range of content.
The trick to passing is to study for the exam! Rather, it is to approach with the feeling of enjoying a different culture.

On a daily basis, I watch Chinese TV, movies, music, karaoke, Chinese SNS posts, etc., listen, sing, and research my hobbies on Chinese websites. Let's make a series of mysterious discoveries that there are things like this!


You will naturally memorize vocabulary and expressions related to the local social situation and cultural customs, improve your HSK listening and reading comprehension skills, and be able to solve problems.


Features of the HSK Specialized Course

Applied Conversation Center

More than any other Chinese exam, the HSK exam requires the most practical and comprehensive application skills, so it requires real Chinese proficiency.

Based on the situation and needs of each student, familiar topics such as work, life, and hobbies will be picked up and compared with the current social situation and cultural customs in China, with a focus on applied conversation assuming more practical communication. go to

Textbook-centric, textbook-style, not role-playing often!


“Hit the target” instruction

During the limited lesson time, the teacher will accurately grasp the main points based on your self-study and lesson situation, and will ask you why you made a mistake, what you lacked, and how you can pass the exam. "Aim for the target" instruction.


Your weak pronunciation and easy-to-mistake grammar will be improved from both pronunciation and grammar, while at the same time developing your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.


enjoy different cultures

The lessons are devised so that you can enjoy different cultures rather than memorizing or understanding them.

In addition to the basic textbooks, lessons will incorporate local social conditions, cultural customs, current affairs, topics, etc. in accordance with your lifestyle, work, and hobbies.

While enjoying a different Chinese culture, you can master a wide range of living Chinese, related terms and grammatical expressions naturally, leading to passing the HSK.
The goal is not only to pass the HSK, but also to have a deep understanding of China,localizationI will accompany you so that you can become a person who can do it.






HSK exam dates

The HSK is tested almost every month. The application period is basically from 2 months to 1 month before the test date.

For the latest information on the exam, please visit the HSK official website here.

Introduction to each level of HSK and sample questions


Difference between "HSK" and "Chukken"

The "HSK" requires you to answer Chinese questions in Chinese, and only tests your ability to use Chinese, not your ability to translate. "Chuken" and "HSK" are the same Chinese proficiency test, but they have different characteristics.
The "Intermediate Examination" tests Chinese reading and listening comprehension skills, as well as Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese translation skills.
Therefore, it can be said that the Chuken is suitable for those who aim to be active in Japanese companies, and the HSK is suitable for those who aim to study at a Chinese university or work at a Chinese company.


"HSK" / "Middle Examination" Comparison Table


*Strict comparison is not possible because the objectives and question formats of the exams are different.

​To put it simply, HSK is a global qualification that is carried out all over the world, and the content is assumed to be more practical communication, but the Chinese test is more accurate. Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese translation skills are required.

*Excerpted from the official website of the Chinese Language Proficiency Association.


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