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Mr. Xie'sJapaneseonline lesson

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Everyone has their own reasons for learning Japanese.
What you want to convey and understand the other person, Japanese is just a means.
Don't worry alone, let me be your mentor,
Let's make a dream come true together.

​ I will be your mentor through Japanese

hello! I am Teacher Xie, who teaches Japanese.

When I was in elementary school, I loved the Japanese song "Red Dragonfly".

When I was in junior high school, I was hooked on the Japanese drama "Volleyball Landlady".

During normal school days, he often played the piano piece "Atom".

Become a teacher and continue studying Japanese.


However, when I came to Japan, the Japanese I had studied hit a wall here and there!

No job, no friends, confusion and frustration...

Encouraged by many friends in Japan and China, I restarted from scratch, went on to work, acquired various qualifications, started a business...

Currently, he has more than 30 years of bilingual teaching experience in Chinese and Japanese, and has over 3,000 Chinese and Japanese students.


Life is full of setbacks, but I understand your pain, develop your good points,

Overcome challenges together.

I believe that I can be of service as a good companion for the realization of my dreams.

Let's create a happy life together through Chinese!

This is a greeting video in Japanese only, but please take a look.

納品物_龍ちゃん .png

​ "I want to learn Japanese, but..." Top 5 concerns of students!


Living in Japan, I don't understand Japanese language or Japanese culture, and I'm hitting a wall everywhere!


I want to learn business Japanese, which is essential for finding a job or starting a business in Japan, but I don't have the time...


Study abroad entrance exam Japanese proficiency test, I want to study Japanese efficiently...


I was addicted to anime and dramas, and I taught myself Japanese, but the more I did it, the more I didn't understand...


My boss asked me to translate, but it's too difficult!

It's okay to worry! Please leave it to Mr. Xie!

シーケンス 01.01_53_10_14.静止画012 (1).jpg

The shortcut to improving your Japanese is to have more opportunities to speak and listen to live Japanese.

However, instead of blindly learning, clarify the purpose,

Create a study plan that works for you.


The characteristics of Mr. Xie's lessons are:

1. You are the main character

2. Customization

3. Sino-Japanese bilingual

4. Follow up after lessons

If you use Japanese at work, incorporate many more practical case studies,

If you are preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, you must correctly recognize your level and clear the tasks one by one.


​Proven track record of teaching over 3,000 people

I, who has extensive experience in studying, living, working, and starting a business in both China and Japan, will accompany you.

You'll be fine!

Let's cultivate Japanese together to make your dreams come true!


Originally from Guilin, China, after working as an elementary school teacher for seven years,

Moved to Japan in 1995.


Japan's Okinawa Human Resources Development Foundation, high schools, vocational schools,

He has been teaching at junior colleges in Ehime for over 20 years.

Over 30 years of bilingual teaching experience in Chinese and Japanese, with over 3,000 Chinese and Japanese students.


2-3 years of work experience at a Japanese tax accountant office, Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Okinawa Industrial Promotion Public Corporation.

Over 10 years of experience in Chinese-Japanese interpreting and translation in fields such as business, administration, education, tourism, media, technology, and sports.

  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1

  • Practical Japanese Test Grade A

  • Chinese Proficiency Test Level 1

  • HSK test grade 6

  • Licensed guide interpreter (Okinawa only)

  • Practical English Test Level 3

  • Nissho Bookkeeping Level 1

  • Realtor

  • Senior Information Technology Officer

  • Financial Planner Skilled Worker Level 3

Characteristics of Mr. Xie's online lessons


you are the main character

Set the student/teacher speaking time ratio to 8:2. Instead of the teacher speaking fluently, you play the leading role in the two-way lesson.
We will ensure 80% of your speaking time and give you more opportunities to speak and practice. The teacher's speaking time is reduced to 20%, checking pronunciation that is not good, explaining grammar that is easy to make mistakes, why you made a mistake, what you need to strengthen, and so on.

シーケンス 01.01_51_44_16.静止画010.jpg

Customizable! Bilingual in Japan and China

We offer specialized courses in Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Hobbies, Business, Life, and Translation, and customize them to meet the needs of each individual.

This is a Chinese-Japanese bilingual lesson that allows you to explain difficult grammar and answer questions in Chinese, and you can also teach lessons in 100% Japanese.

At the same time as learning practical Japanese that can be used immediately in daily life and business situations in Japan, you will be able to understand Japanese culture, customs and values.


Japanese as much as possible!

During the lesson, the ratio of speaking Japanese and Chinese will increase as the level increases.

Introductory lessons are 5:5, beginners are 7:3, intermediate are 8:2, and advanced are 9:1.

By listening to, speaking, and reading a lot of live Japanese voices, you will naturally acquire comprehensive application skills.


My name is 〇〇.

​I am from China and I am 26 years old.


Follow up after class!

Lessons include pronunciation check, grammar explanation, and real-time Q&A. After the lesson, follow up on WeChat and LINE in a timely manner for questions about homework, preparation and review!

We can limit the total number of students, accurately track your progress, and provide individualized instruction to help you overcome your weaknesses.

I will help you realize your dreams by finding the learning method that works best for you.


Lesson time: 5:00-22:00 (free reservation, open all year round)


Course introduction


1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test

This course aims to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 to N1 level.


You can systematically study four subjects: vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension, based on the trends of the new Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

During the limited lesson time, the teacher will accurately grasp the main points based on your self-study and lesson situation, and will ask you why you made a mistake, what you lacked, and how you can pass the exam. "Aim for the target" instruction.


You can take up familiar topics such as work, life, and hobbies, compare social situations and cultural customs in Japan and China, and acquire exam pass and practical application skills at the same time. Our goal is not just to pass the exam, but to have a deep understanding of Japan and to become human resources who can localize.

Those who want to study abroad, those who want to study at a Japanese company, those who want to improve their Japanese


2. Hobby Japanese

This is a Japanese language course that focuses on hobbies.


If you like Japanese culture such as Japanese anime and dramas, want to travel to Japan, want to enjoy delicious Japanese food and beautiful scenery, and want to enjoy communication while traveling... here is a tailor-made curriculum that is perfect for your needs. I have.

We will improve your Japanese communication skills, focusing on practical Japanese conversation that assumes each actual scene. While having fun while mastering the Japanese language, you will be able to come into contact with the cultural customs and values of various parts of Japan.

Those who like Japanese anime/drama, those who want to travel to Japan, those who are interested in Japanese culture


3. Business Japanese

This is a course to learn practical business Japanese based on topics that assume actual business situations.


With your needs as the top priority, we will teach you practical Japanese that can be used immediately in business situations according to your industry and occupation.


You can also acquire the ability to think and understand the differences between Japanese and Chinese business, and awareness of localization (regionalization) will lead to the success of Japanese and Chinese business.

Those who want to work at a Japanese company, those who want to improve their business Japanese, those who want to know Japanese business customs

Those who want to move to Japan with their family, Chinese residents in Japan, children of Chinese residents in Japan


4. Conversational Japanese used in everyday life

This is a course to learn practical Japanese conversation based on topics that assume actual daily life scenes.


Focusing on daily life situations such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, shopping, medical care, and education in Japan, emphasis is placed on listening and speaking to improve practical conversation and communication skills.

At the same time, you will be able to understand Japanese cultural customs, values and common sense, and be able to smoothly integrate into the local life.


5. Japanese-Chinese interpretation and translation

This is a course to learn Japanese-Chinese translation and interpretation skills.


Don't get too hung up on specific training methods, curricula, and textbooks, but give top priority to what you can "use right now" in the field! We will carefully select and make full use of a wide range of teaching materials, such as textbooks published locally in Japan and China, practical business books, newspapers, magazines, literary works, and past exam questions, according to your learning level, purpose, and genre of interest. .

Skills necessary for an interpreter: "listening ability", "speaking ability", "comprehension" Skills necessary for a translator: "reading ability" and "writing ability", etc. can be increased.

Those who want to learn translation and interpretation skills / those who want to become a professional interpreter translator


Student voice


Student Ryu-kun

Thanks to Dr. Xie, I was able to gain a deeper and more objective understanding of today's Japan, and I think it will help me to integrate smoothly into Japanese life in the future. …


Student Otori-chan

I am very grateful to you for following me up and helping me when there was something I didn't understand in the interpretation of the speech in my job as an interpreter for the president. I consider myself a very responsible teacher. …

Price plan/Payment method

One-on-one lesson, ticket system, 45 minute lesson per lesson, tax included

​4 timesticket


Valid for 1 month


​24 timesticket


Valid for 6 months

48 timesticket


Valid for 12 months

4 times a month ¥19,800

From 4 ticketsa yearSave ¥26,400!


​ popular

* UnionPay cards can be used.
​ If you have any questions,WeChatPlease contact us.
*​ Group lesson pricing plans are
Have a look at this.

Payment method: credit card, bank transfer, cash payment

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*If you pay by credit card on the website,
​Partially written in Japanese.



We are sending out one-phrase Chinese that you can use immediately!
From business to love, master Chinese in a short amount of time.

Free lesson & counseling

with Dr. Xie30 minute free lessonand your JapaneseWorry Counseling!
We will propose lessons according to your needs and level.


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