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Love Chinese Course


This is a course to learn Chinese full of love for Japanese-Chinese love and marriage, love and marriage, and family life.
In addition to the Chinese language skills that are used in the adult world, you can also acquire the ability to think and understand different cultures in the adult world of Japan and China.


To be able to do it!


You can smoothly "communicate with words" in love and marriage between Japan and China.


You can acquire the ability to understand the "different cultures of the adult world" between Japan and China.


You can learn "ready-to-use" Chinese full of love.


You can secretly learn "adult Chinese" that no one can hear anywhere.


By preventing and resolving language and cross-cultural troubles, you can build a more harmonious adult relationship.


The reason why Chinese for love is attracting attention


Build more harmonious adult relationships

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for Japanese-Chinese love/marriage, matchmaking/love hunting.
However, between Japanese and Chinese couples, language barriers and invisible cross-cultural barriers come to a standstill.
Let's learn loving Chinese, learn about the world affairs of Chinese adults, prevent and solve problems, and build more harmonious adult relationships.


Tips for improving

1. Use immediately. Use more and more!

Immediately apply what you have learned. Learn from your partner as you use it.

As you use it more and more, your relationship with your partner and your Chinese ability will improve, creating a virtuous cycle.

2. Learn from TV and movies about local love and marriage!

Let's watch TV, movies, dramas, love songs, SNS, etc. about local love and marriage, and read adult-related magazines and books. You can both improve your listening and reading comprehension skills in Chinese and collect information about love, killing two birds with one stone!

3. Challenge the exam!

Dramatically improve your language skills!

It can be used as a lubricating oil for communication with couples, and for work and dream realization.

Challenge various Chinese tests such as HSK, Chinese test, interpreter guide test, business Chinese test!


Love Chinese course features

Ready to use!

Regardless of your learning background or language level, I will teach you love Chinese in lessons that you can immediately use in your adult relationships between Japan and China!

Curriculum example:

・ Learn Chinese full of love for Japanese-Chinese love, marriage, love-hunting, marriage-hunting, and family life.
・Because of adult circumstances, you can learn Chinese secretly anywhere, without being able to ask anyone.


Put your needs first!

Each lesson will proceed with your love Chinese requests and questions as top priority.

We are not textbook or curriculum oriented.


Cross-cultural understanding in the Japanese-Chinese adult world

In addition to proficiency in Chinese, which is used in the adult world, people who have experience in dating and marriage in Japan and China will introduce you while comparing the customs of love and marriage in Japan and China according to your needs.

You can also acquire the ability to think about and understand the differences between the adult world of Japan and China, and build a more harmonious adult relationship.






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We will propose lessons according to your needs and level.

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